TEFL Waffle

Episode 49: Planning an ice-breaker

November 9, 2019

If you listened to our last podcast about lesson planning, you'll remember Steve planned a lesson for Troy, who then taught it and reported it to be a disaster of Pompeii-an proportions. This time, you can listen to Troy and Steve doing it the other way around. Troy is planning and Steve is commenting inanely in the background.  To make things more complicated, they don't know the students nor the location they will be teaching. That means they will have to prepare a nice, juicy ice-breaker to get all the students ready for the class and give everyone a chance to find out who is who. Let's be clear - planning is one of the most boring parts of a teacher's existence, but somehow Steve and Troy seem to have a lot of fun doing it. Who knows how!! Although, come to think of it, ice-breakers are actually pretty cool, especially the way Troy does them - big fat ones with gravy and pickles.


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